Slayer Fans Furious After Philippines Promoter Prohibits Moshing and Crowd Surfing at Band’s First-Ever Show in Manila


Tomorrow (or, actually, later today, if you live in the Philippines), Wednesday, October 11, Slayer will play their first-ever show in Manila. Which ought to be a joyous occasion for local admirers of the Big Four’s most “murderous” band, right?


Unfortunately, a lot of those fans became enraged when, earlier today, the show’s promoter, PULP Live World, released of a list prohibiting certain items and actions from the performance. Most of those items/actions are pretty standard — weapons, outside food items, etc. — but one stands out: moshing and crowd surfing have been forbidden.slayer-in-manila-restrictionsslayer-in-manila-restrictions-2

Needless to say, concertgoers are, um, displeased about the announcement, with some going so far as to say they won’t attend if moshing isn’t allowed.

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Of course, the promoter gets to keep these fans’ money regardless of whether or not they end up going to the show or not, so “I’m selling my ticket” isn’t going to persuade them to repeal this rule. Unfortunately, at this point, when the concert is quite literally just hours away, I don’t know that anyone has the ability to make Pulp change its mind; maybe if Slayer themselves make a stink something would happen, but if there’s any kind of insurance issue, even those protests would probably be moot.

So, yeah, this stinks. Really, of ALL the bands to have moshing prohibited… and at their first show in that market… it’s just unfathomable, ain’t it?

Thanks: Mad Tyrant and Alessandro Q. 

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