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“Little Mary”: The Erkonauts Take a Stand Against Sexual Assault in New Single and Video



The Erkonauts’ new single and video, “Little Mary,” demonstrate the kind of work that so’s timely the artists couldn’t possibly of planned it. What is the song about, you ask? I refer you to these sample lyrics:

Mary was not to be toyed with
She could handle a thing or two
When someone engaged in lewd behavior
She knew what to do

The track and accompanying video — which is like Death Wish if Charles Bronson were the victim of sexual assault — was released last week (I slept on it because I suck), right as the Harvey Weinstein scandal was beginning. Now, it goes without saying that sexual assault existed long before Harvey Weinstein did, but between the disgraced movie mogul and President Pussygrabber, the topic is currently being addressed in a way it never has been before. (For the metal community, this discussion actually reignited before the Weinstein story, when Decapitated were charged with rape.) So, as I said: “Little Mary” is so timely, The Erkonauts could not possibly have planned it.

Of course, a relevant social message alone does not a great song make. But “Little Mary” also happens to be totally killer. If you can listen to it and not get it stuck in your head, run to a mirror and make sure your head is still attached.

Check out “Little Mary” below. The song comes off of The Erkonauts’ new album, I Shall Forgive, which comes out November 10 on Indie Recordings. Pre-order it from iTunes or Pledge Music.

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