Chronus’s Newest Track “Baron” is Sweet Metal Honey


Swedish metal outfit Chronus impressed us with their last single “City of Light,” revealing a beautiful stylistic blend of artists like Ghost and Mastodon, a combination of sounds that jives and washes over the ears like sweet honey. Easy to follow along to with a smooth foot-tapping beat and a rock guitar solo, Chronus bring a classic metal sound to the modern era.

Their latest track “Baron” is a smooth and excellent ride that channels a plethora of artists but strives — and succeeds — in avoiding blending a bunch of styles together like a really bad smoothie. Instead, each of these flavors come together in a beautiful concoction that has me banging my head and stomping my feet to the beat. It certainly isn’t pit music, but it goes pretty hard, intense and fast-paced with a fiery guitar solo. I’m not left wanting for more; in truth I kind of wish it were a little longer… I like it.

I’m having a hard time looking beyond the vocalist’s Tobias Forge-esque voice — he sounds just like the Ghost frontman — but Chronus offer a fresh stance that channels so many classic and modern elements, satisfying a need for something simple and fast-paced, old and new, smooth and rocky, malleable and metal. I’m looking forward to more of their work.

Chronus’s self-titled debut album came out this past January, but will be reissued by Ellefson Music Productions (yup, that Ellefson) on October 28th. Check out “Baron” below!

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