Stream Krallice’s New Album Loüm with Neurosis’s Dave Edwardson on Vocals


Krallice - LoumNYC progressive black metal unit Krallice have done away with the traditional album pre-release hype cycle, opting instead to just release new albums when they feel like it without any build-up whatsoever. While I appreciate the giant middle finger to the system, I can’t help but wonder whether they’re missing out on their music reaching new ears by foregoing a regular press campaign that involves putting out two or three singles (and maybe a video) before an album comes out. Selfishly speaking, I love Krallice and I want as many others as possible to discover and love them, too! But I certainly respect their desire to do things however the fuck they want.

So: Krallice’s latest album Loüm dropped on Friday, and you can now stream it below in full or order it via Bandcamp (CD and LP copies are in pre-order mode, while digital files are available immediately). The album features Neurosis bassist and vocalist Dave Edwardson on keys and vocals, stepping in for guitarist and usual lead vocalist Mick Barr, and from what I’m hearing so far — this is my first listen, just like you — it’s really good. It’s got all the Krallice-isms we’ve come to adore and admire — the frenetic black metal foundation, the beautifully atonal guitar and bass interplay, a razor-sharp drum performance — but it seems as if they’re pushing the bar and challenging themselves even more this time around. Edwardson’s vocals add a new dynamic that we’re unaccustomed to hearing with Krallice; I’m digging the way his lower register sits within Krallice’s musical framework.

What’s more, the band promises to release another album, Go Be Forgotten, before year’s end. No specific release date is mentioned, but there are pre-order packages available that include physical copies of both albums.

Check out Loüm below and let us know what you think.

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