Enlarge These noises sounds like what you'd expect to hear from a Buddhist monk, not the vocalist of one of metal's biggest bands.

Watch Killswitch Engage Vocalist Jesse Leach’s Vocal Warm-Up Exercises


If you’re not following Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach on Instagram, get on top of that right now. I don’t follow very many musicians — I find most of their posts overly self-centered (more rock god concert shots of yourself? no thanks) — but Leach’s account is both interesting to follow and startlingly real. Sure, he provides the occasional update on recording sessions and various band goings on, but the best part about his account is that it’s simply HIS LIFE, the good, the bad, the exciting, the boring. You’ll get photos of some of the gorgeous mountainscapes he takes in while hiking in New York’s Hudson Valley, live shots from metal shows he attends in his adopted home of New York City, intimate moments with his wife, commentary on social issues, deeply personal statements about his struggles with depression… anything, really. He is a man of the people.

Of course you’ll also get occasional updates on his career as a musician, which is — shocker of shockers — not nearly as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be. Singing is an incredibly difficult profession — especially in metal — and keeping those pipes loose and clean is no small order. Watch below as Jesse shares his “morning vocal meditation,” a technique he learned from famed instructor Melissa Cross that finds him making noises you’d expect to hear from a Buddhist monk, not the vocalist of one of metal’s biggest bands.

Morning vocal meditation, as instructed by the mighty Melissa Cross from her audio instructional "Speak Extra." This is the way to wake up if you are a vocalist of any sort. Musicians, actors or public speakers. This CD was and is a game changer. This is me doing it on my own with out the CD. I'll listen to the instructional then replicate it. For some I will play my low resonate note on a keyboard as my guide. You can feel it in your skull and belly. It's very meditative and I often find I'll do the "meee numbers" over and over again as it is a serous meditation as well as an exercise to set the voice in a proper headspace. I am not good at describing it and this clip is me just waking up so it's not perfect. However as you go through the exercises it really opens you up and your mind will focus on the voice. If you are curious about any of this reach out to Melissa Cross she is the master and well worth any dollar you spend with her either in person or on Skype. I muted the sound for the tongue exercises because no one wants to hear mouth noises (and yes there is green on my tongue from my morning kale smoothy).???? . Thank you @zenofscreaming I'll do you proud on my next recordings with my bands! #VocalWarmUps #MorningRoutine #MelissaCross #SpeakExtra #ZenOfScreaming #GameChanger #Practice #Meditative #PutInTheWork #JesseLeach #MouthNoises #AlwaysStrivingToBeBetter

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