Video: NYC Tourists React to Toothgrinder


Playing metal to unsuspecting common folk is always funny. We metalheads have become so accustomed to our style of choice that we often forget just how abrasive the music sounds to normies. Remember how you loooong ago got over growled vocals sounding harsh? Yeah, that’s still a thing to basically everyone except for us.

Which is why, after we took The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad out in Times Square with the band’s new album and a pair of headphones this past summer, we decided to do it again! On a lovely early winter day we brought Toothgrinder bassist/vocalist Matt Arsensdorf to Union Square Park to play the band’s new album Phantom Amour for any passers-by that would indulge us in our silly gag.

What did they think? You’ll have to watch to find out. But we’ll tell you this: banging your significant other with Toothgrinder as the soundtrack was definitely discussed.

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