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Surprise! Ghost Release Live Album Ceremony and Devotion



So hey remember how we thought Ghost might be teasing a live album called Ceremony and Devotion?

Yeah, well, they were. They released it today, with physical editions set for release on January 19. Either they’ve learned nothing from the mistakes of past surprise metal releases, they’re feeling cocky, or they don’t particularly care about sales because it’s a live compilation.

Although the band has released a music video from the release, that video doesn’t contain any actual concert footage. Concert stills, yes. But footage, no. In fact, it appears that there will be no DVD/concert film edition of the album.

What there will be — and I’m not making this up — are 8-track editions of the release. Which is something the legendary underground pornogrind band Lake Bukkake joked about doing back in 2013. One man’s satire is another man’s marketing scheme, I guess.

You can stream Ceremony and Devotion in its entirety below, and/or pre-order physical editions here.

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