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MetalSucks Proudly Presents Name and Meek is Murder’s West Coast Winter Tour 2018!



Yes, it’s true — after seven years, perennial MetalSucks favorites Meek is Murder are FINALLY coming to the West Coast! They’ll be escaping Brooklyn this January for a series of gigs in warmer climates, which they’ll play alongside fellow chaotic-experimental-hard-grinders, Name. This will be Name’s first tour in support of their latest release, …You Are Mostly Nowhere, which came out last month (listen/buy here), and like we said, Meek’s first West Coast tour EVER (check out their most recent album, Was, here). So you know this tour is gonna be the fucking party to end all parties.

Says Meek is Murder guitarist/vocalist and Cali native Mike Keller about the trek:

“Every time I see my college diploma hanging on the wall, which is signed by THE MOTHERFUCKING TERMINATOR, I get a little nostalgic for the best coast. Who makes your school mascot a damn banana slug? KAL-EE-FOR-NYUNS, that’s who. The burritos are better, the people are nicer, and you can skateboard ALL YEAR ROUND. Seriously, I can’t believe we played Croatia before we got out west.”

Seriously, West Coasters, we cannot stress this enough: DO NOT MISS THESE SHOWS. The gigs are guaranteed to be completely insane, and who the crap knows how long it will take MiM to get back out West.

Dates are below!!!

1/18 – Seattle, WA – Funhouse @ El Corazon
1/19 – Salem, OR – Fifty Pub & Grub
1/20 – Sacramento, CA – Cafe Colonial
1/21 San Francisco, CA – Neck of the Woods
1/22 – Pomona, CA – PBW
1/23 – Los Angeles, CA – Five Star Bar
1/24 – San Diego/Anaheim – TBA

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