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Danzig is Enforcing an Insane “No Cell Phones” Policy at Upcoming Misfits Reunion Show


Glenn Danzig’s aversion to photography is nothing new; the notoriously prickly mover of motherfuckin’ bricks and lover of French onion soup has banned cell phone photography at his shows for years and often doesn’t even allow professional photographers up in the pit. In a 2015 incident, Danzig snatched a phone out of a concertgoer’s hand at a show, then put him in a headlock when he tried to board Danzig’s bus with a camera (I think we can all agree that both parties in this case were out of their minds).

But the policy that he is enforcing at the upcoming Misfits reunion show in Las Vegas on December 28th is next level insane.

According to an email issued by The MGM Grand to all ticket holders, the event will be “completely phone free.” Attendees will be required to lock their cell phone in a special case provided by the company Yondr, and while they’ll be allowed to keep possession of that case throughout the event, it can only be unlocked in designated “unlocking station” areas. Additionally, the venue will not be accepting scanned QR codes on phones as tickets; attendees will need to print out tickets in advance and will be charged a “re-print fee” if they show up empty handed.

Here is the full text of the email issued to ticket holders along with an explanatory image that was included in the blast:

We’re writing to inform you about the updated cellphone policy at the Original Misfits Reunion Show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

There will be no use of cellphones, smart watches, cameras or recording devices permitted during the show. This exclusive one-off performance will be completely phone-free. Tickets MUST be pre-printed prior to arriving at the venue. Guests who do not have printed E-Tickets will not be permitted into the venue. Additional re-print fees will apply at the Box Office.

Upon arrival at the venue, all phones and smart watches will be secured in Yondr cases that will be unlocked at the end of the show. You’ll maintain possession of your phone throughout the event, and if needed, can access your phone at designated Yondr unlocking stations in the lobby. Your phone will be re-locked in a Yondr case before you re-enter the performance.

Anyone caught using a cellphone during the performance will be removed from the venue. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a phone-free viewing experience.


Will the MGM Grand we ejecting people found to have violated the no cell phone policy the way A Perfect Circle did on their recent tour? That isn’t clear, but what’s certain is this: Danzig is doing himself absolutely no favors by continuing to brand himself as a cranky, out of touch old man.

Yondr has been previously utilized by schools and fellow thin-skinned performers such as Dave Chappelle to reign in cell phone use in public settings. You can watch a CBS This Morning report on how the devices work and a bit about the company’s founder below.

Thanks to loyal friend of MS Sarah W. for sending this one in.

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