Video: Jay-Z Fans React To Metal


For years, hip hop and heavy metal have had a tenuous relationship. Whether it’s about differences in imagery used, street cred, musical talent, or the appropriation of one another’s imagery and aesthetic, the rift between metal and rap seems unclosable, and bridged at one’s own peril (as we saw during the Dark Ages).

But is this perceived schism real, or just your typical assumed beef by two different musical communities who mean each other no harm? To answer this question, I went down to the Jay-Z concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to ask fans of H To The Izzo what they thought of heavy metal culture. Then I played them a little Firespawn and got their opinions.

Watch the video below. If you’re a hip hop fan who likes metal, feel free to give us your opinion in the comments; if you’re Jay-Z himself, we’d love to hear what you think about some death metal tracks.

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