Exclusive: Listen to a New Demo from Former Darkest Hour Members Kris Norris and Ryan Parrish

  • Axl Rosenberg

You may recall that a few years back, former Darkest Hour members Kris Norris (also ex-Scar the Martyr) and Ryan Parrish (also of Iron Reagan fame) announced that they were launching a new project called Blisskill. I don’t know if they’re still planning to use that moniker or not, but I do know that they still haven’t released an album, much to the disappointment of at least one member of the metal community (me), and presumably others, too.

Why the delay? Kris tells MetalSucks by e-mail that “we’ve been searching forever for vocalists for this project,” because “even though its just for fun Ryan and I, we still want it to be right.” Which is certainly fair!

Hopefully, this will help in that regard: Kris also floated us a demo of a new song, the working title of which is “Kill the Memories.” The demo features vocals by Mark Haggblad, but those aren’t final. Anyone who thinks they’ve got the chops for the job should track down Kris via the usual electronic channels. Hopefully, the project’s future frontman or woman is reading this right now, and in a year we can revisit the song with that person’s vocals.

Until then, we encourage you to check out the demo below. Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty damn good; it kinda reminds me of neo-Trivium, but that’s probably not doing it justice. It also has plenty of shredding, courtesy of the always-impressive Mr. Norris. You should also feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments section, because unlike Vince and myself, I think Kris actually reads that shit.

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