Video: Warrel Dane’s Final Performance


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m taking this one pretty tough. I’ve listened to little else but Nevermore since learning about Warrel Dane’s death last week, which helps, but also makes it worse. Such a tremendous talent taken far before his time.

Warrel was in Brazil recording his second solo album at the time of his death (his first solo is fucking fantastic, by the way; listen here), and had appeared on a TV station there on November 30th to give an acoustic performance with guitarists Johnny Moraes and Thiago Oliveira.

Watching his performance here is super eerie. Maybe it’s because both are acoustic, but I get the same feeling I did — and still do — watching Alice in Chains on MTV Unplugged, which would also end up being Staley’s live swansong. Given, Staley was in way worse condition than Dane (although somehow managed to hold on for several more years), but something about Dane’s presence here is foreboding… it’s spooky.

Watch below. There are also some interview segments in which Dane talks about his new solo album, working with Dave Mustaine early on and other topics.

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