Ben Weinman Writes About the End of The Dillinger Escape Plan

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Dillinger Escape Plan is really over. It still hasn’t quite sunk in for me yet, despite the fact that I was at the band’s destined-to-be-legendary final show. That was almost a week ago, and I’ve listened to almost nothing but DEP since (really — I’ve just had their catalog on shuffle for six days), but the band’s dissolution still isn’t ‘real’ for me yet.

If the band’s break-up has me this bumfuzzled, I can only imagine how it feels for Ben Weinman, who founded Dillinger twenty years ago. The group’s catalog has, very literally, been Weinman’s life work. So it’s little wonder the guitarist took to social media this morning to reflect on life with the phrase ‘ex-Dillinger Escape Plan’ in parenthesis next to his name:

“The amygdala is a tiny, almond shaped structure deep inside the emotional part of your brain. It is visceral and autonomous Nature gave it to us for survival in a time when well thought out decisions would often have deadly consequences. Playing in @dillingerescapeplan would often put me in an extended state of fight or flight which enabled me to react almost exclusively on emotional impulse. The speed and intensity of our music and live shows were a catalyst for pure free expression with very little opportunity to reflect on my other daily stresses or even feel pain or fear. Thanks to all the people out there who contributed to allowing me this periodic meditation for the past 20 years. I will certainly miss this.”

We’ll miss it too, of course. We are counting the days ’til the 2027 reunion.

In related news, if you’re wondering what DEP frontman Greg Puciato is planning to do with his time now that he’s funemployed, this tease from his other project, The Black Queen, would suggest that the group is up to… something:

You’ll know more when we do.

[via The PRP]

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