Writing a Metal Song without Hearing a Single Note


I’m complaining a lot today, and for that I apologize, but it really is difficult to get up and write the same damn shit over and over again every single day. It’s difficult to come up with the words sometimes, but at least there are perks.

YouTuber Rob Scallon hasn’t been doing it for quite as long as we have, but he’s not far behind, and surely he must feel that same fatigue. Still, the dude manages to come up with consistently awesome and well-executed new concepts, unlike the recycled drek you see on this site. Kudos to him!

His latest endeavor: he wrote an entire metal song without hearing a single note.

Here’s how he did it: using Guitar Pro on his computer, he set about composing a new tune using standard musical notation… but with the sound on mute. He obviously had a good idea of what the final product might sound like, and attempted to hum out riffs or phrases, but was still flying deaf. Then, after a time limit of two hours for writing, he went back and performed the track on his own, strictly abiding to what he wrote, and created a music video of it. Fun times!

The final product came out surprisingly well! Watch below.

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