Five Reasons You Need to Start Wearing Earplugs RIGHT NOW!


Earplugs are like condoms: sure, the experience of a live show might not feel quite as powerful without them, but if you start the show with them in your ears as opposed to putting them a bit later you’ll never know the difference! No “just the tip” — don’t even allow yourself to go a few notes of raw dog. Put them in right away and all will be groovy!

Trey at Gear Gods has put together a brief video extolling the virtues of wearing earplugs, something in which I’m a firm believer; I started wearing them at shows religiously when I turned 22 and I haven’t looked back since. If you’re a regularly gigging (or rehearsing) musician, or you attend shows regularly, you owe to yourself to protect your hearing for the future. Don’t be stubborn!

I would also like to add that there are plenty of effective, mid-priced options between cheap-o foam earplugs you can get at the pharmacy and the custom-molded ones which cost hundreds of dollars. I’ve been a devotee of this series of Etymotic ear plugs for over ten years; they only cost around $20 and do a fantastic job of blocking out the harmful elements of sound without squashing it all, and if you lose one it’s not a huge jolt to your wallet.

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