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This Metal Band Accidentally Made a Penis T-Shirt


Even the best intentions can sometimes go horribly awry. What was designed as a typically evil-looking t-shirt by the Wellington, New Zealand-based Dark Divinity — featuring what looks to be a hooded priest praying over a pool of maggots and skulls — was interpreted by some to be a giant dong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Check it out:

dark divinity t-shirt

After being alerted of the almost surely coincidental resemblance between a praying priest and a penis (although, hey, that would certainly be a fitting statement!), Dark Divinity seized the opportunity by releasing an “apology” statement via their Facebook page that’s rife with puns:

“So it has been brought to our attention that our t-shirt artwork may or may not resemble male genitalia. This was a genuine cock-up, no member had noticed the resemblance previously and we can assure you that we weren’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes or jerk people around. If anyone who ordered a shirt feels shafted, we are offering full refunds, so rest assured you will be endowed with your hard earned money once again.”

Let this be a lesson to all bands of the world: always make sure you have a dick-checker on hand to proof your merch designs.

As for Dark Divinity… well, from now on their Google search results are always going to be marred by dicks. Sorry / you’re welcome, dudes! But you’ve got MS reader Ian M. to ultimately thank for that.

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