You Can Now Make Your Own Customized Motörhead T-Shirt


Motörhead’s iconic logo has been spoofed into oblivion, a staple of metal merch designs for decades. Off the top of my head, I can think of three t-shirts I own that are Motörhead parodies… shit, I’m even wearing one right now! It’s an old In Flames shirt that has “Jesterhead” written across the top, with the band’s little monster dude in place of Motörhead’s trademark snaggletooth, and I love it to death. Another, LarryDavhead, which is exactly what it sounds like, gets comments every time I wear it out.

Now you can make your own customized Motörhead shirt and have it printed for $30, a fair deal if you ask us. It’s an officially-sanctioned Motörhead promotion called “umlaut yourself” that allows you to print whatever text you want under the snaggletooth, and while that means Motörhead’s logo is up top, too, when has wearing an actual Motörhead shirt been a bad thing? These look sharp.

Make your own right here and tag @metalsucks and @mymotorhead on Twitter with your design.

[via Metal Injection]

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