Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, the Reason There Have Been No More Big Four Shows, Wants One More Big Four Show Before Slayer Retire

  • Axl Rosenberg

In 2013, Tom Araya said there would likely be no more Big Four shows as the result of “the politics of character in one particular band.” And while he didn’t specifically say who he was talking about, everyone assumed he was talking about Dave Mustaine because, well, who the fuck else would he be talking about? Remember, Mustaine almost pulled out of the last Big Four show in 2011 before one of Metallica’s managers basically goaded him into getting his ass on stage. And it just seems plain unlikely that, say, Frank Bello was a real pain in the ass with demands and stuff.

In fact, I think the only person who doesn’t at least partially blame Dave Mustaine for a lack of additional Big Four shows is Dave Mustaine (which makes sense, because nothing is ever Dave Mustaine’s fault). To wit: he recently tweeted that he’s hoping “for at least one more Big 4 Show before the end of Slayer’s final tour”:

And, hey, never say never — given enough $$$, anything is possible.

Still, I wouldn’t hold my breath. The fact is, none of the other Big Four bands need to play with Megadeth right now. Metallica are Metallica and they can continue to do whatever the hell they please; Slayer will presumably not need assistance selling tickets to their farewell tour; and Anthrax are part of that farewell tour. So they’d have to be highly incentivized to put up with Mustaine’s shit for another show.

While you wait patiently to see if this ever actually happens or not, you can get all of Slayer’s upcoming farewell tour dates with Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament here.

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