St. Louis Billboard Asserts Lemmy is a Greeter in Heaven


A fan has vandalized improved a St. Louis billboard to assure the Motörhead faithful that they will meet Lemmy in the afterlife:


While you have to appreciate the optimism of anyone who suggests that there’s life after death, I think this billboard may actually represent a public safety hazard. I mean, I wouldn’t be shocked if metal fans started straight-up killing themselves just so they can go chill with Lemmy. I know I’d be tempted. I could give a shit about meeting Jesus, but Lemmy? Hot damn!, that’d be fun.

Kidding aside… if you live in the area and wanna check this thing out before someone yanks it down, Metal Injection says that the “billboard [is] located just south of the Hill neighborhood on Southwest Avenue near Kingshighway, directly across the street from Favazza’s restaurant.” If someone takes a picture standing in front of it wearing a MetalSucks shirt, I will personally send them a goody bag.

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