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Listen to Jesse Leach’s (Killswitch Engage) New Hardcore Band The Weapon


the weaponSome time ago, Hudson Valley hiker, Brooklyn resident, inspiration Instagrammer and Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach posted a tease about a new hardcore band he was involved with, The Weapon, saying at the time:

“This is a side project and it is being done for the pure enjoyment of playing. It is also a necessary outlet for a singing/yelling style and lyrics I can’t fit into any other band or project I’ve ever done. My 15 year old self is quite proud of me! GO!!!!!!!”

Now we get to hear The Weapon’s debut EP, At What Cost / Shotgun Anarchy, a furious two-song blast of hardcore that’s over in less than five minutes but doesn’t skimp on the intensity one bit. I’m at a bit of a loss to provide references here — I simply don’t know much about hardcore — but I definitely like what I’m hearing, and I can certainly see where this project allows Leach to express a side of his creativity that he can’t with his day job band. The group — which also includes Chris Drapeau on guitar, Josh Mihlek on bass and Andy Mass on drums — is clearly having FUN here, and that fun translates to the listening experience; put this on right now and just try to fight the urge to bop your head.

At What Cost / Shotgun Anarchy is is out now and available via Bandcamp. Stream it below!

[via Metal Insider]

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