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Stream Turnstile’s New Album Time & Space in Full


After releasing three singles, Turnstile’s new album Time & Space is finally hear for all to stream and judge: NPR’s got the goods, so make sure you go and check that out right now then come back here to discuss.

So: what do we think?

This record doesn’t quite capture my imagination the way Nonstop Feeling did back in 2015. It’s still good; I like Turnstile’s sound overall — a whole lot, actually — and I want to be very clear about that. But there’s been a disconnect between what I thought this band is and what they actually are.

That disconnect is this: I thought Turnstile were a metal band, but they’re really more of a hardcore band. “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind” remains my favorite track on the record, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s one of the albums slower, groovier and heavier numbers. Nonstop Feeling leaned more into ’90s noise metal (Helmet, Quicksand, etc.) which is what I loved so much about it, whereas I think Turnstile are truly a hardcore band at heart. Those influences are way more up front this time around, and indeed, much of the press and fan praise I see about this band calls them a hardcore band, too. Which is fine, but it’s just not as much my thing.

That said, I am still fired up to see Turnstile live again when they come through with Touche Amore and Culture Abuse this spring. Gonna be a rager!

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