Video: Olympic Skater Performs to AC/DC in Short Program


You may recall that last year, a French professional ice skating duo set one of their routines to Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound of Silence.” But fuck those guys. They may be perfectly nice people, but they have the worst taste in music imaginable.

Hungary’s Ivette Toth, by contrast, has excellent taste: she recently performed in the Winter Olympics shorts program to a medley of songs by AC/DC. She also did the entire thing in what looks like the outfit Vince Neil wore on the cover of Mötley Crüe’s Girls, Girls, Girls. Damn impressive if you ask me.

Unfortunately, the video of Toth’s performance isn’t embeddable. You can watch it here, or just check out the below video, in which she does the same routine for a different competition. Either way. You get it.

Thanks: Metal GF

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