WWE Commentator Knows a Surprising Amount About Megadeth

  • Axl Rosenberg

I haven’t kept up with the WWE since it was the WWF (and then some), but apparently, the peeps over there are big-time Megadeth fans.

Loudwire reports that on last night’s WWE Raw, the league (or whatever the hell you’d call it) held its first-ever ‘Symphony of Destruction’ match, so deemed because it allowed its competitors, Braun Strowman and Elias, to beat the shit out of each other using musical instruments. Which sounds like a fun night for the whole family. And Strowman, presumably wanting to ensure that his fans get some intellectual stimulation out of the whole affair, cut a promo loaded with Mega-puns:

“I know you’re sweating bullets, because tonight, you find out about my symphony of destruction. Tonight starts the countdown to your extinction.”

Just the countdown to Elias’ extinction? Not the actual extinction? That’s a weird threat. Didn’t the countdown to Elias’ extinction really begin the moment he was born… or at least the moment he agreed to tussle with Strowman?

In any case, Strowman’s nonsensical wordplay really opened the floodgates, with commentator Corey Graves going to make the following Megadeth-themed dad jokes during the course of the match:

  • “Strowman wants to settle the score, but… peace sells, but who’s buying?”
  • “This could be reckoning day for Elias at the hands of Braun Strowman.”
  • “Like a runaway train… A train of consequences.”
  • “I think we’re about to witness Elias rust in peace.”
  • “Pain is Braun’s business and business is good in Milwaukee.”

Graves concluded by saying that “If I don’t at least get free Megadeth tickets after that, I never will.” So he never will. Maybe next time he should try cracking wise about Anvil.

Here’s video of the match, courtesy of The PRP:

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