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Black Panther Gets Officially Licensed Black Sabbath and Pantera Parody T-Shirts


Black Panther isn’t just a comic book that’s been turned into a movie; it’s a cultural sensation. It’s the kind of movie where friends who give zero shits about Marvel movies, superhero movies, action movies, or even just movies in general are suddenly hitting me up and asking if they should see it. Hillary Clinton endorsed it, and Christopher Nolan, who had nothing to do with the movie, has already predicted that it will get a Best Picture nomination next year. I’m saying it’s a thing.

So it’s not that surprising that Target is selling Black Panther merch that parodies Black Sabbath (via Metal Injection):

Slightly more surprising is that JCPenny is selling Black Panther merch that parodies Pantera. I wonder if at any point they considered putting the villainous Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) on the shirt and using the phrase “Tonight Is a White Thing”?


If you dig these, you can buy the Target/Sabbath shirt here and the JCPenny/Pantera shirt here.

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