Meet the Adolescents in Alien Weaponry

  • Axl Rosenberg

I have been told in the past that I am insensitive to the feelings of younger people. So I’m not going to say much about Alien Weaponry, the New Zealand trio comprised of two fifteen-year-olds (Lewis de Jong and Ethan Trembath) and a seventeen-year-old (Lewis’ older brother, Henry).

But I will put them in historical context.

A metal band consisting entirely of teenagers gets signed every ten years or so. Back when I myself was just learning the joys of cracking voices, acne, and random midday boners you hope go away by the time the bell rings, that band was Bad4Good, a Steve Vai-created project which included current Avenged Sevenfold drummer Brooks Wackerman and singer/kid actor Danny Cooksey (Terminator 2Salute Your Shorts).

Not long after we started MetalSucks, Black Tide emerged, leading to what I think is still the worst interview in this site’s history.

Since then, there’s been Babymetal and Unlocking the Truth, although I’d argue neither one of them really counts. Babymetal has adults playing all the instruments, and Unlocking the Truth rose to prominence as a viral sensation largely thanks to media outlets that don’t normally cover metal. But I suspect some of you would disagree with me.

(Quick aside: Scum-era Napalm Death DEFINITELY don’t count. I mean. Give me a fucking break.)

Which brings us to Alien Weaponry. The group’s debut album, , is coming out June 1 on Napalm, and they’ve just premiered the first single and video, “Holding My Breath,” via Revolver. You can watch it below (it’s NSFW because of some nudity — kids these days are so edgy!). You can pre-order  at this link. Here’s hoping the band never gives an interview without a publicist present.

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