Necropia Drop New Lyric Video for “Pestilence”


Ever wondered what it’s like to have the bubonic plague? Me too. Don’t worry, Necropia will fill you in on all the grimy details in the lyric video for their latest single, “Pestilence.” Spoiler alert: plagues suck.

Apparently, “bathing in the filth of decaying loved ones” and “letting the creatures consume your entrails” constitute a typical Sunday afternoon for your average plague victim. That’s pretty fucking nasty. Necropia have managed to reproduce this nastiness in the form of filthy riffs and nauseating breakdowns, creating a soundtrack for the harrowing fate of generations past.

Vocalist Tameem Shaker says the song’s inspiration came from horror movies:

Basically after watching enough b-list plague-themed horror movies, I had the inspiration to write this track. Really nothing else to it, sounded like a wild idea to write from the perspective of a plague victim

A wild idea, indeed. If you’re into modern djent-y progressive tech-death, like Humanity’s Last Breath or Vildhjarta, you’ll dig this track. The rest of the record, Desecration Complex, will be released on April 20th, and it also happens to be Necropia’s first full-length. Pre-order it here. 

[via Metal Insider]

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