Periphery Released a Hilarious April Fool’s Day Song


With their three guitarists burrowed into the studio writing the band’s fourth record, Periphery’s triple axe attack took some time out of their busy riff-mongering schedule to write an entire new song called “Beta” for April Fool’s Day. The term beta, of course, is a pejorative for a weak male but is also probably a play on the song “Alpha,” from 2015’s Juggernaut album.

Vocalist Spencer Sotelo went along with the gag, tweeting that he’d stepped down from his role as vocalist (due to reading too many nasty YouTube comments, lol) to let the three guitarists take over.

You can check out the track below, which jumps between a number of different musical styles and has some pretty funny lyrics. What’s most impressive to me is how Misha, Jake and Mark just put together this entire thing as an aside during their writing sessions; dudes are hella talented!

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