Track Premiere: The Elephant Parallax, “Incenfeminalgia II”


The Elephant Parallax are an interesting beast that defy easy categorization, which is exactly why we jumped at the chance to premiere their new track “Incenfeminalgia II” despite having previously never heard a note of their music.

They’re not really metal — so get any thoughts of punishing breakdowns or fuzzed-out stoner riffs right out of your head — but they’ve definitely got some heaviness in their sound and, like a lot of other non-metal acts that end up worming their way onto our site, they’re quite proggy.

“Incenfeminalgia II,” which we’re premiering today, takes quite a while to get going — it’s not until more than halfway through its nine-and-a-half-minutes that we get anything heavy or proggy — but it’s worth the wait: the track’s atmospheric, spaced-out guitars and almost Pink Floyd-esque intro (think: “Echoes”) only serve to make the payoff feel that much more grand when it comes, and by the end of the track it’s a full-on frenzy of loud guitars and screaming in an odd meter. Fans of quirky, tight bands with lots of attitude and nuance like Biffy Clyro and Dredg should find a whole lot to like here.

Loam & Sky comes out on May 18th, 2018; pre-order here.

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