Video: Trivium’s Matt Heafy Stops Playing Mid-Song to Help a Crowd-Surfer


Sometimes crowd-surfing takes on a life of its own; one person goes up and gets things started, and before you know it there’s a never-ending stream of people floating overhead and tumbling over the barricade. It can be a lot for any venue’s security staff to handle.

The crowd-surfing got a bit out of hand at Trivium’s show in Antwerp, Belgium last night, with security — who Heafy notes “was doing great tonight” — simply unable to keep up with the flow of fans to the front. Not one to let some poor Trivium fan fall from seven feet high onto his head, Heafy jumped down from the stage mid-song to lend an assist, then climbed back up and resumed playing. The entire thing unfolded in about ten seconds and was captured on Heafy’s Twitch account, which had been live-streaming the show.

Watch a quick clip of the incident below. Make all the Trivium jokes that your heart desires, just don’t ever claim they don’t care about their fans!

[via The PRP]

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