Protestors Once Again Aim to Shut Down Hellfest


France’s Hellfest is once again under attack from local protestors.

In 2016, those people were pissed by the fest’s refusal to drop Down from their line-up despite then-recent revelations about frontman Phil Anselmo. And while you might assume those people are now pissed because Watain is on the bill this year, their complaint is actually far more broad. According to Thierry Barnole, the man leading the charge…

“This festival has several groups promoting anti-Christianity and Satanism and they do not hesitate to insult and say blasphemy, with overthrown crosses and real Satanic rites.”

It’s worth noting there are a LOT of bands on the bill whose music is not overly anti-Christian or Satanic (Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria, Rose Tattoo, etc.), at least one prominent band led by outspoken Christians (Megadeth), and at least one band led by a former member of a very popular Christian rock band (Tremonti). Also LOL at anyone afraid of “real Satanic rites.” But even if you were going to make some sort of political argument, there’s not much to work with here, given the presence of socially-progressive bands like Converge, Stray from the Path, and Powerflo.

I obviously get being pissed about bigotry. Bigotry is real and it is scary. The Satan stuff makes me laugh, because Satan is, y’know, a fictional character. Like, you might as well protest Nekrogoblikon for endorsing goblins and Galactic Empire for endorsing the Dark Side.

[via Metal Insider –> The Metal Pit]

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