Immortal’s First Album Without Abbath Gets a Title and Release Date

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’m still highly skeptical about the idea of an Abbathless Immortal album, but the band will have the chance to prove naysayers like me wrong soon enough: because nothing says “summer” like invoking cold weather, the trio-turned-duo have announced a July 6 release date for their new offering, which will be called Northern Chaos Gods (I guess they’ve been promoted in the sixteen years since they were just Sons of Northern Darkness). A press release promises that this is “an album which takes Immortal back to its roots.” It roots. Without Abbath. Okay.

Speaketh the band:

“We are eternally dedicated to Immortal and our own musical past. The album is conceptual, and the first step in the reclaiming of our past grimness and attitude. Loyalty to the fans and our own musical history is very significant in this. Our new album will soon be available, with songs from the very gates of Blashyrkh – the realm of all darkness and cold.”

The pair will release the title track digitally on May 11, with a 7″ single in different colors and stuff to follow on May 25. If you’re feeling confident that you’re gonna like it, you can pre-order one of those here. The rest of us will make up on minds on May 11.

While we wait, feast your eyes upon the cover art:

Immortal’s First Album Without Abbath Gets a Title and Release Date

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