Call This Phone Number for a Voice Message from Randy Blythe!


The newly reactivated Burn the Priest (Lamb of God before they changed their name) are getting ready to release another new song following last month’s cover of The Accused’s “Inherit the Earth.” As such, they posted an image on Facebook — cleverly designed in the style of a late ’90s show flyer — teasing the new track, a cover of Big Black’s “Kerosene,” set to come out on Friday, April 27th.

That much would be noteworthy on its own, but there’s a fun little tidbit attached: a phone number! 804-220-5888. And it’s an active, working line just for Lamb of God / Burn the Priest fans.

Interestingly there’s also a phone number below that one that’s been crossed out — I wonder if this design was based on an actual Burn the Priest flyer from the ’90s? — but if you call the visible number you’ll be greeted by a special voice message from Randy Blythe and a preview of “Kerosene.”

Blythe’s intro ominously warns “Don’t leave a message,” but it’s followed by an answering machine beep after the song clip finishes. Wonder what happens if you do??

I remember this kind of hotline often being attached to new album promo campaigns back in the day. It’s a nice touch for the retro vibe LoG / BtP are going for on this campaign.

Burn the Priest’s covers album Legion: XX comes out May 18th.

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