Next Week, Ghost Will Perform a “Special Sermon” in NYC


Ghost’s new album, Prequelle, isn’t due out ’til June 1… but it looks like the band will be making their next major promotional push next week. Says the band via Facebook:

“We wish to inform you Papa Nihil & Sister Imperator formally invite all followers to a special sermon at Irving Plaza on Monday morning, April 30 at 9 AM. Hurry, promptness and ghoulish attire welcome and graciously rewarded.”

Oh my! What could the Nameless Ghouls and their “new” singer, Cardinal Copia, be planning? I am totally talking out of my ass here and have no inside intel whatsoever, so take this with a grain of salt, but these would be my guesses: they’re either filming a music video for their next single, or the June 1 release date is a misdirect and they’re actually going to release Prequelle on May 1 — which is next Tuesday, the day after this “special sermon.” But I could be completely off-base.

New York area fans now need to decide whether or not their love of Ghost is sufficient motivation for them to wake up early and get dressed up (and, given the 9 a.m. start time, miss the start of the work day) for a mystery event. Something tells me it won’t be an issue.

[via The PRP]

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