Metal Cooking Show “Eaten Back to Life” Episode 2: “People = Schnitzel!” Slipknot Schnitzel


Welcome back to Eaten Back to Life, a cooking show dedicated to slaying in the kitchen in the name of heavy music! Eaten Back to Life will focus on showing you real cooking techniques and creating delicious food, and each episode will emphasize a dish inspired by one of our favorites bands! In case you missed it, check out our first episode — featuring Gwar-inspired guacamole (“Gwarcamole”) — right here.

In this episode of Eaten Back to Life, host Ian Back to Life shows you how to make a Slipknot-inspired version of schnitzel he’s dubbed “People = Schnitzel.” For today’s video, the classic German dish schnitzel (a flattened piece of meat fried in a pan) gets a brutal makeover using goat chops and a delicious home-made seasoning.

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