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The Songs on Tool’s New Album Will Not Be Concise

  • Axl Rosenberg

So the members of Tool who aren’t Maynard James Keenan recently did the first in their series of music clinics and of course some dude went online after and wrote about the whole experience in great detail. Most of it isn’t gonna be all that interesting to anyone besides Tool diehards — they confirmed the new album is being recorded analog and that drum tracking is finished, they said there are certain deep cuts they no longer play ’cause of the way Maynard’s voice has changed as he’s gotten older, shit like that — but there is one detail that I think fans will wanna know:

Every song is over ten minutes long.

Of course, Tool are no strangers to longer tracks, but they’ve never released an entire album where every single song was such an opus. Not that I imagine anyone is gonna complain. But no one should think this somehow means we’re getting more new Tool music than we usually might (to make up for lost time or whatever): the average running time of a Tool full length is roughly seventy-five minutes, and another Redditor who attended the clinic says the band is recording “six or seven actual songs.” In other words, even with the longer cuts, the album will be roughly the same length as any other Tool record.

You can read the fan’s entire account of the clinic below. Get remaining Tool clinic dates here.

Comment from discussion Tool Clinic St. Paul.

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