Video: Metallica Give a Tour of Rehearsal Space and Headquarters


Every musician dreams of one day having a rehearsal space that’s tricked out with every piece of gear they could possibly want, an in-house recording rig that’s always on and tons and tons of memorabilia, both celebrating the history of your own band and rock music as a whole.

Metallica live that dream (as well as many others, natch). In a new video shot in conjunction with Ernie Ball, James and Kirk invite three contest winners to take a tour of “Metallica HQ,” with its dazzling array of guitars, all manner of gear, tricked-out recording setup, Metallica keepsakes and merch, memorabilia of all kinds, a pinball machine (duh) and more. The video also features some classic Hammett hilarity about the unbelievable magic that is a guitar cable.

Watch below. Metallica will come back to tour the States this fall with another European run scheduled for summer 2019.

[via The PRP]

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