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Devin Townsend Shares Clips of New Music!


In interviews with the press and on his personal Twitter account, Devin Townsend has been talking a lot lately about feeling freed from the creative shackles that the “Devin Townsend Project” moniker, and everything else connected to keeping that band going, imposed upon him. By his own admission, Devin feels rejuvenated and fired up in a way he hasn’t in years, and we’re confident that whatever music he releases next — he says he’s working on four different projects at once! — will not only be great, but it’ll be different than anything he’s done before.

Devin went on a bit of an Instagram binge early this morning by posting a few clips of some of his in-progress music, offering a peek inside the current creative state of his brain. One clip sounds full-on orchestral (perhaps that symphony about dicks and vaginas he’s been teasing for a while??), a couple of them sound vaguely DTP-ish (given, that encompasses a wide variety of sonic territory, but think in the vein of Addicted or Transcendence), and one sounds like all-out death metal, almost bordering on Strapping Young Lad territory. It’s not clear whether these clips are from different albums, the same album or even the same song, but suffice it say Devin’s got some quite varied material coming out no matter which ends up being the case.

More, of course, as we get it.


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Working on a riff

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Emails from label and management imminent.

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