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Willowtip Releases Free Fifty Song Sampler

  • Axl Rosenberg

I assume you like metal because you’re reading MetalSucks, and I assume you like free shit because you’re a human being. This being the case, I think you will like Willowtip’s new sampler, which is free, and includes fifty — yes, fifty — tracks, each by a different artist.

And, yeah, some of these are older tracks by bands you likely know already, like Necrophagist, Arsis, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Mithras, Ion Dissonance, Gigan, Maruta, and Wormed… but eight of the fifty songs come from new Willowtip, most of which are bands with whom you are almost certainly not already familiar. For me personally, as a grind d00d, the most exciting of these new signs is No One Knows What the Dead Think, which features former members of Discordance Axis. But there’s plenty of good shit here for metal fans of all shapes n’ sizes.

You can stream the sampler below, and download it here.

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