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Zakk Wylde Says Ozzy Will Become Vocalist of Zakk Sabbath After Solo Farewell Tour


By this point it should be clear that the only thing that’ll make Ozzy retire is incapacitation or death. He’s been claiming “No More Tours” since 1992, and while Black Sabbath’s years-long farewell tour seemed to end that band’s run for good (with the notable asterisk that one-off gigs are still a possibility!) and he’s currently celebrating the end of his solo career (again, just the full-time touring part of it!) with “No More Tours 2,” would you really be surprised if he just keeps on trucking in some form or another?

Of course you wouldn’t, and according to Zakk Wylde that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. In a recent interview with Kaaos TV [transcribed by Ultimate Guitar], metal’s affable viking prince from New Jersey said in no uncertain terms that, once Ozzy’s solo tour is done, Ozzy will join up with Zakk Sabbath — Zakk’s Black Sabbath tribute band — as the vocalist:

“Without a doubt. But it’s not so much a farewell run. I guess this chapter he’s closing, his solo career. Just like with Sabbath – they closed that chapter. This is a farewell of his solo career.

“But right after this, as soon as we end this, Ozz is gonna continue on with Zakk Sabbath Featuring Ozzy Osbourne as lead singer. You know, Oz is kind of familiar with the material. I think it’ll be easy to switch. Without a doubt.”

What kind of bizarro world do we live in where Ozzy would be the vocalist of Zakk’s band… that performs covers of Ozzy’s songs?? Wild. It’s not clear whether Ozzy would be the FULL TIME vocalist — my wager would be probably not — but still, the very idea of Ozzy’s involvement at all is quite something.

Elsewhere in the interview Zakk talks about the upcoming Generation Axe Tour with him, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi, which I’m not certain is public knowledge yet (although it could be — I’m not in the loop), and discusses the possibility of a new Ozzy solo album. Read it here.

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