Pro-Shot Video: Ghost’s Tobias Forge and Candlemass Cover “Enter Sandman” While Metallica Watch

  • Axl Rosenberg

I just realized my headline sounds kinda porny. I didn’t mean for it to. I apologize.

In any case, The PRP reports that Metallica recently won Sweden’s Polaris Music Prize, which is awarded for “significant achievements in music and/or musical activity, or for achievements which are found to be of great potential importance for music or musical activity.” Winners receive:

  • Nifty new paperweights
  • A million Swedish krona, or $114,400.00 (according to Google as of today, June 14, 2018). Which is, like, what they usually spend on craft services for one tour probably, so they’re putting it all in the hands of their charity, the All Within My Hands Foundation (I know I ought not joke about charity, but I’m just gonna say it: one charitable thing they could do is not remind us of St. Anger every time they do something for their charity).
  • To watch Candlemass cover “Enter Sandman” with Ghost’s Tobias Forge, a.k.a. Cardinal Copia von Pope Daddy-o Emeritus Epstein the IX, or whatever it is we’re calling him these days.
  • To deliver an acceptance speech to an audience of sufficient class to warrant Bobby Trujillo putting his hair in braids.

You can watch video of the latter two blessed events below, courtesy of Metal Injection. The performance basically sounds like Tobias Forge fronting Candlemass playing Metallica. The speech sounds like a speech. Shrug.

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