Check Out Death Will Tremble’s Departures if You Want to Be Depressed for the Next 47 Years


If your to-do list for today included “listen to the most intensely emotional song in the world” you can check that off now. Austin’s Death Will Tremble (who we covered a couple years ago in Unsigned and Unholy) have just released a single-track EP, Departures, that will steal a considerable chunk of your humanity and never give it back.

Vocalist Hunter Townsend and his brother Chase lost their father during the recording of their previous album, 2016’s Mona, and Departures is a visceral expression of the downward spiral of grief. It’s slow, tense, and often difficult to listen to, stirring the mind into turmoil and taking the listener on a harrowing journey.

Rather than being split into separate tracks or accompanied by others, Departures is a standalone that’s incredibly effective. “After the release of Mona, we really started to think about the way we experience this music, and the way we want other people to experience it – and because in our live shows we tend to perform our set without any breaks between songs, we wanted to record this EP in the same way,” says Townsend. “This music is so emotionally heavy for us that we want to create an atmosphere, live and in recordings, that requires the listener to really live inside of it instead of skipping from one song to the next.”

Set aside 15 minutes to give this one a listen. Whether you enjoy it or not, it’s an incredibly unique experience that will leave you just a little less sane than when you started the day. Check out Death Will Tremble on Bandcamp.


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