Unsigned and Unholy: Death Will Tremble, Ruin, The Corona Lantern


Austin’s Death Will Tremble combine sludgy post-metal with bluesy, shreddy guitars, and although that might seem like a bizarre match it’s perfectly hellacious in this context. If the player below of their new album Mona defaults to the title track I recommend rewinding to the beginning of the set; it’s a good track, but the post-hardcore vocals might not be for everyone.

Portland, ME’s Ruin offer the perfect mix of thrash and groove — they’re not a derivative “re-thrash” band, but their influences are clear, and they have a fantastic understanding of how to get bodies moving. Check out “Reopen” from their new album Right of Passage” (order: iTunes or Amazon). Catch them on tour around the Northeast and upper Midwest in September; dates here.

Prague’s The Corona Lantern play music to get lost in. Their soundscapes are big and expansive, their doom riffs are weighty and massive, the drums deep and groovy, the vocals gnarly… it’s a completely immersive experience, so put on your favorite pair of headphones, close your eyes and just listen. Here’s their new album Consuming the Tempest.

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