Check Out HYVMINE’s Heroic New Single “The Epicoustic”


I’ll admit, every time I get asked to write about any kind of music self-described as “progressive metal,” I get an anxious knot in my stomach, and my mind starts racing with questions such as “Is this actually going to be ‘progressive’ in any sense of the word?” “How am I going to describe this as mankind’s greatest achievement when it’s actually unbearably boring?” or “Am I gonna have to look away while some guy who looks like a fusion of William Murderface and Rosie O’Donnell cums all over his fretboard again?”

However, I’m relieved to announce that HYVMINE’s latest take on prog metal is, remarkably, quite awesome. They’ve clearly put their efforts into making actual good music rather than just showing off, which has proven to be an insurmountable task for many similar bands (you know who they are). Their new track, called “The Epicoustic,” is a ten-minute odyssey that features equal parts anthemic hooks and driving groove. While it has its moments of cheese, I’m willing to ignore them as the song holds up very well as a whole.

“The Epicoustic” is a refreshing and welcome step forward in a world that’s overcrowded with songs by Dream Theater and associated rip-offs. Give it a listen below, and stay tuned for HYVMINE’s upcoming EP, Fight or Flight, available everywhere July 13th via Seek and Strike. Guitarist/vocalist Al Joseph says “The Fight Or Flight EP means pure Metal to me. It’s was a chance for us to put our more commercial side away and just shred. I had so much fun with the guys putting this project together because our goal more than anything was to write with the gloves off.”

Catch HYVMINE on tour with Angel Vivaldi, dates and tickets here.

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