There is a Gay AC/DC Cover Band Called GayC/DC

  • Axl Rosenberg

Today in “Brilliant Ideas It’s Hard to Believe No One Ever Thought of Before”: there is a gay AC/DC cover band from Los Angeles called GayC/DC. Their guitarist dresses like a school girl; their drummer calls himself ‘Phellatio Rudd.’

There is a Gay AC/DC Cover Band Called GayC/DC

And if you think their name is funny, you should hear what they do with AC/DC’s song titles and lyrics:

  • “Let There Be Rock” = “Let There Be Cock”
  • “Whole Lotta Rosie” = “Whole Lotta Jose”
  • “Problem Child” = “Bottom Child”
  • “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” = “Dirty Dudes Done Dirty Cheap”
  • “Bad Boy Boogie” = “Gay Boy Boogie”
  • “TNT” = “PNP” (“Party ‘n Play”)

And, of course:

  • “Big Balls” = “Big Balls”

But the band is more than just a collection of clever puns. They’ve also bridged at least one serious divide between the hetero and homosexual members of the metal community: in 2015, they performed with Sebastian Bach, he of the infamous ‘AIDS Kills Fags Dead’ shirt.

But to me, the best part of GayC/DC, truly, is the thought of how furious they must make a certain portion of AC/DC’s audience. Here’s hoping they get to tour with Womanowar someday.

[via loudersound.com]

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