Corey Taylor is Losing Twitter Followers Over His Vocal Anti-Trump Stance


Taking a hard political stance is a bold move for any entertainer; it’s certain to alienate some segment of fans, potentially a significant one. Shit, we’ve seen it in a big way right here on MetalSucks… conservatives haaaaaate us!

So I’m surprised it’s taken Corey Taylor this long to notice (or perhaps simply to comment) on his loss of Twitter followers after political tweets given he’s been railing against Fuhrer in Chief Donald Trump since at least early 2016. [UPDATE: Long-time MS reader Derek / Godless Angel has alerted us to recent changes in Twitter’s policy for follower counts that have resulted in some celebrities losing followers. That certainly could be the case here, as Taylor alludes to.] The Slipknot / Stone Sour vocalist tweeted the following yesterday:

“I’ve noticed a loss of followers over the last few days. Maybe it’s my political views catching up w/ me. Maybe it’s this bot test weeding out all the BS. What I DO know is this: anyone who watched this ‘president’ w/ Putin learned the definition of ‘coward’.”

That tweet is a perfect example of why we love Taylor so much. It’s much more risky for a member of Slipknot, a huge portion of whose base lies in the Trump-supporting heartland of America, to take such a vocal stance than it would be for a member of, say, Deafheaven, whose fans are much more likely to be coastal liberals. Then again, if any band can afford to take a hit to their fanbase, it’s Slipknot; they’re still gonna be the second biggest band in metal (after Metallica) no matter what, so if anyone should be taking advantage of their platform it’s Taylor.

In other words: Bravo! You won’t miss those followers, Corey, I guarantee it.

[via Loudwire]

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