Corey Taylor, Grammarian


I’ve spent waaaaay too much time and energy in this space writing about how Chicago hardcore bruisers Harm’s Way lack the understanding of how to properly use an apostrophe. At this point I hardly care — I just find it amusing to keep joshing them — but the humorless dudes in the band have now twice turned down interviews in which we solely discuss grammar. Oh well! Their music will just have to keep speaking for itself (I think their last album totally ripped, FWIW).

Someone else who has revealed themselves as a stickler for grammar: Corey Taylor! In a video posted to Instagram over the weekend, Taylor took to task those who use apostrophes to denote the plural instead of its intended use, to show ownership. Corey Taylor’s son Griffin makes a guest appearance in the video (watch footage of his recent performance with his dad in Stone Sour here), as does Corey’s bangin’ bed-head hair.

Next up: Taylor tackles your/you’re and their/there/they’re, followed by a deep discussion on how the reply-all function in email works (BAND MEMBERS: TAKE CAREFUL NOTES!). Watch:

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