Otep Shamaya On President Trump: “He’s Made a Mockery of Our Country.”


This week on The MetalSucks Podcast, we talked U.S. politics with Otep Shamaya and how the current state of affairs has influenced her upcoming new record, Kult 45. Spoiler alert: she’s not too fond of our president.

The latest single from Otep, ‘To The Gallows”, is a forthright attack directed at President Trump, expressed with such eloquence as “You can piss in his mouth; You can piss anywhere, but ‘Watch my hair’.” With a silver tongue like that, you’d think the outspoken vocalist would have a lot to say on the subject — and you’d be absolutely right:

“When I wrote “To The Gallows,” I’m talking about a trust fund baby — I like to call him “Resident Chump” — who’s never served in the military but says he knows more than the generals. He said he was going to defeat ISIL in the first hundred days but he’s never been in a fight in his life. He’s never done any government service or service to the community in his life, he’s basically just served himself. He’s made a mockery of our country and continues to do so by aligning himself with dictators and shunning our allies who have been our allies since Word War II, those who helped and fought side by side with us in the two illegitimate wars George W. Bush sent us into, who’ve suffered the same sort of losses in their military and military families across the world. He’s trying to build this new alliance because I think that’s where he feels most comfortable. He doesn’t understand how our government works. I would love for one journalist to ask him how a bill becomes a law, because he doesn’t know. He’s never governed before. Rather being a part of three separate but equal branches of government, he thinks he’s the tip of the sphere and that’s why he’s aligning himself with these other dictators.”

So there you have it: yet another person who thinks our president is an unqualified quack.

Otep dives deeper into discourse on the current political climate elsewhere in the podcast. It’s a great chat, so check out the full episode below. And don’t forget to pre-order Kult 45, out July 27.

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