Video: Guy Plays Korn Songs with Actual Corn


In the sheer Winning The Internet Department I’m not sure anything will ever top this video of a guy with corn rows eating corn while listening to Korn. The simplicity/stupidity of it is just perrrrfect, ya know? Still, with corn memes making the rounds recently — including Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer posting a photo of himself at the supermarket with a cart loaded to the brim with corn — the time seems right to make another go at some Korn/corn-related Very Important Video Content.

And that’s exactly what YouTuber Davie504, whose videos we’ve featured on MS before, has done with his latest endeavor, “Korn played with corn.” The video is exactly what the title hints at, with Davie taking a stab at a number of Korn tracks using America’s greatest grain to perform them. What’s more, not only does Davie use corn to play several different instruments, but he uses a few different forms of it to do so: popcorn as a guitar pick, raw corn as a bass-slapper, cooked corn as drum sticks and various incarnations of all of those for random percussive effects. A+ for ingenuity, Davie!

Now, excuse me… pass the butter, please.

[via Loudwire]

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