Krisiun Premiere New Song + Video, “Devouring Faith”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Krisiun Premiere New Song + Video, “Devouring Faith”

Is it Heavy Metal Cuisine day and I just didn’t get the memo or something? Firs there was Clutch’s new song about making Maryland crab cakes, and now Krisiun have released a track called “Devouring Faith,” which, I assume, is about devouring faith (I don’t have access to the lyrics and can’t understand what the what frontman Alex Camargo is shouting). What’s next? A new Aborted song called “Pairs Well with Côtes du Rhône”?

(Say… what does faith taste like, anyway? The obvious answer is “wafers and wine,” I suppose, although “shit” might work just as well. Hm.)

ANYWAY, I think this track is wwwaaayyy stronger than the one Krisiun released last week, “Demonic III.” It’s just overflowing with Hannamalisitc solos and riffery; the part that starts around the 1:53 mark is probably a better Slayer riff than anything on Repentless. I’m way into this.

Scourge of the Enthroned, which comes out September 7 on Century Media. Pre-orders are here.

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