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Disturbed Unclear on the Difference Between the Words “Many” and “Two”


One criticism Disturbed often face is that all their music sounds the same. But the fans know that’s bullshit. Disturbed are as stylistically diverse as any artist in the history of the genre, and anyone who says otherwise is a darn fool.

The band themselves have made this clear via a new online post asking fans to pick the first single from their new album:

“The new record is done! The new album includes many styles of music. Since our last album and the recent footage from the studio, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about the evolution of our new music. Disturbed Ones, we have decided to embrace the debate. For our next single – what kind of sound do you want it to be?”

See? There are MANY STYLES OF MUSIC on the new album! Why, just look at the array of offerings on the ballot!!!

So take THAT, haters!

We don’t know when this generation’s Abbey Road will be released, but you can cast your vote here. No of course you can’t hear all the candidates before voting, silly person. What, you think this is about the music or something?

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